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At Dental Associates of Delaware, we are committed to serving our patients with the highest quality of family, implant and cosmetic dentistry. Nothing makes us happier than to see how pleased our patients are with their results, whether it’s veneers, dental implants or any of our dental services. Our Middletown, Hockessin, Brandywine, Newark, and Wilmington, DE dentists can help you attain a healthy, beautiful smile at any age, so learn about how we’ve impacted the lives of our patients and what we can do for you!

Here is what some of our patients say about us:

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the whole team at DAD for the excellent treatment that I received yesterday! Despite showing up at 7 a.m. with no appointment, I was seen right away and the cyst issue was correctly identified. Because of your call to the oral surgeon, they then took me in right away and removed the cyst right then and there. By 11 a.m. the procedure was completed and I was home resting with medications! I really feel blessed to be involved with such an amazing, professional group of people, and it’s so great to know that you’re all truly there when needed. Please extend my thanks to the entire team!

– Lee K. (patient of Dr. Binnersley)

Wonderful experience as always! Thank you and your staff for all you do to help keep our families dental needs handled- both preemptive and if an issue arises.

– Georgia R. (patient of Dr. Binnersley)

My appointment was with Dr. Hansen for a tooth extraction. Needless to say I was very stressed, since I had never had a tooth pulled before, but everyone was so wonderful and went out of their way to help me relax and prepare me for the procedure. Kim, the dental assistant, put me at ease right away and explained what was going to happen step by step. Kathy, billing/scheduling (?), came to hold my hand as promised. Dr. Hansen has an excellent “bed-side manner” and helped me feel very comfortable throughout. Thank you all for your wonderful care and compassion, something I’m not sure I would find at any other dental practice!!

– Karen D.

This practice has been such an excellent provider of oral health care that mere words cannot properly describe the actual reality experienced here. The standards that are upheld at Dental Associates of Delaware are and have been consistent year after year since I have been coming here for the past 16 years, that in itself is a legacy of excellence beyond reproach. The entire staff, from the front check in desk to the Hygienists. the Dental Assistants and of course the Dentists themselves uphold superior quality dental care and a degree of professionalism that should be emulated by the entire Dentistry Industry.

– Alan D.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Dua. All the staff & the dentist have been sooo helpful & friendly. My 15 year old son is a patient. This office took my son in a pinch. My son was suffering with severe pain & they took him on a sat. Morning when I couldn’t even get a call back from other dentists & a trip to the ER. They are not judgemental , as I’ve found many dentists to be. They just want to help . They are patient , gentle , kind & informative. I believe they are in business for people not just $$$$. I am so grateful we found them. We couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Amit Dua & the entire staff!!! I’ve already recommended you to friends. Thank you sooooo much. Truly grateful mother & son here!!!

– Mary S.

This office is an amazing group of people who are simply dedicated to their customers. I looked forever for someone who did full dental sedation, but even then I approached it with fear and caution. I’ve never been treated so well, with so much kindness, by any business. I am horribly dental phobic and made use of the anesthesia services as well. Again, Dr DeMarco is a remarkable professional. These people are a well oiled unit that work together flawlessly while making you feel at home. I will go Dr Cornatzer as long as he is in business. I will be transferring my kids there too 🙂 I cannot recommend this office any higher!!

– Angel L.

Confidence and commitment are the two most important factors. Confidence in your dentist and his team is crucial, and commitment to the process which is long and sometimes tedious, equally so.

– Gabriella S. (patient of Dr. Bradley)

I have the upmost trust and respect for Dr. Dua, Jess, Alexis and Dr. Demarco. They are true professionals in every way. My first visit was a long one (6 hours) and I got thru it without any concerns or problems. I will have a beautiful smile and it will also take care of years of not going to the dentist. Sleep dentistry is wonderful!! I highly recommend their practice to everyone.

– Donald M.

It was the lunch that Lynn would never forget. While eating a sandwich at her desk at work, her jaw popped and froze open. Although the joint snapped back into place, it remained sore. “It was extremely painful and scary,” she says.

Lynn met with Dr. Carroccia for the first time later that day in an emergency visit. He told her that her problem wasn’t that unusual and it was probably caused by the stress of the excessive gum chewing she’d been doing in an effort to quit smoking. He TENS-ed her jaw to get it back into its most relaxed state, fitted her for a nighttime orthotic and evened out some of her teeth to help stabilize her bite.

Lynn has not had a recurrence of her jaw problem. But she was so impressed with Dr. Carroccia and his staff that she continues to see him for routine dental care. “They were so good to me,” she says. “For being an awful experience, it was one of the nicest experiences you could ever have to go through. Everybody in that office was such a sweetheart.”

– Lynn B.

I met Dr. Tai on a Saturday when I was having an emergency and was desperate to find a dentist. He was so compassionate and helped me very quickly, and I knew I found the right dentist for me. One of the things I appreciate about Dr. Tai is that he will do more than just answer my questions. He presents all the options and tells me what is practical and what is ideal. He would prefer the ideal and tries to get me as close to that as possible. Dr. Tai and his staff have been wonderful, both in the warm, welcoming, and personable sense and in the professional, reliable, and efficient sense. Thank you, Dr. Tai, for the opportunity to let others know that they would find an exceptional, excellent, and caring dentist in you!

– Betty P.

I am extremely pleased with the results of recent dental procedures I received from Dr. Ryan. He relieved my fears and anxiety by providing me information, answering all my questions and confidently reassuring me of the expected positive outcome. I felt no pain or discomfort and had the work completed in only 2 visits. No longer will I be fearful of dental procedures. Dr. Ryan has my respect, trust and confidence. I used to smile with my mouth closed to hide my teeth, but now I smile from ear to ear, thrilled to expose my beautiful, white teeth. Thank you Dr. Ryan and staff.

– Linda B.

There was no waiting time for my appointment. The staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Binnersley took time to explain what he was about to do. The whole procedure took less than an hour and was totally painless. I highly recommend this office.

– Frank P.

As Dr. Carroccia knows, I have stayed far away from dentist offices in the past 10 years. Never enjoyed the visits and with little insurance, frankly I did not think I could afford it. Your team not only made my visits manageable, have accommodated my ridiculous schedule, you also helped me find a way to make my dental procedures affordable with other measures. And I have not met a happier and more entertaining doctor. I think he has a patient for life, and I won’t be waiting ten years till the next visit either. And with Dr. Carroccia, I always find the visits enjoyable and of course he does great work! My crowns are perfect with a perfect bite! 🙂

– Katherine H.

I always feel confident that my dental care is in good hands with Dr. Bond. As a patient over a decade I can give the highest recommendation. Many thanks to Dr. Bond, Laura, Phyllis and Ruth.

– Richard W.

A dentist visit has never been an enjoyable experience until my association with Dental Associates of Delaware in Middletown, DE. Dr. Binnersley is always professional and cheerful. He finds ways to make my visit pleasant!! My hygienist Sherry is wonderful!

– Carol D.

Connie had been coping with the discomfort of TMJ for most of her adult life. Initially, she thought the neck spasms she’d developed in her twenties were due to stress. But when the pain migrated to her temporomandibular joint, she decided to investigate. She mentioned the problem to her dentist in Nashville, TN where she and her husband had been living. He prescribed a night guard which helped, but the pain returned during the day. “If I ate something fine like applesauce, my teeth would come together and I’d get a sharp pain,” she says. “It was obviously getting worse.” Connie tried a variety of therapies including osteopathic and cranial massage but neither provided lasting relief. An oral surgeon who specialized in TMJ problems wanted to replace her teeth with implants but she thought that approach too radical.

Connie met Dr. Carroccia soon after she and her husband moved to Wilmington. He told her that her previous dental work had caused her malocclusion. He relaxed her jaw into its most comfortable position and gave her day and nighttime orthotics for her upper teeth while they worked on a more permanent solution. Connie decided to have her upper teeth reconstructed with veneers and crowns. This not only freed her from wearing the orthotic but replaced some semi-permanent teeth that had yellowed with age. Connie is pleased that she feels and looks better. She credits Dr. Carroccia with making that possible. “He’s wonderful. He’s a perfectionist which is what you want in somebody dealing with your teeth,” she says. “If he doesn’t like the color or fit, he would just re-do it until it was right. My husband goes to him and he feels the same way.”

– Connie W.

Our experience with Dr. Tai and his staff has been nothing less than a pleasure. The staff is friendly, helpful and professional. They always accommodate our needs and our schedule. Dr. Tai is an amazing dentist. His attention to detail and perfection is unmatched. Both my husband and I have had cosmetic dental work done by him over the past year and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We highly recommend him to all our friends and family.

– Kelly H.

Victoria knew something was wrong when she woke up one morning and couldn’t close her jaw. She went to her primary care doctor who sent her to a dentist across the hall. The dentist made her a biteplate so her teeth would line up properly. Things went along fairly smoothly after that. Occasionally, something would cause a flare-up but after a minor adjustment she was able to resume her routine.

The problem returned thirty years later when she got a dental implant. After the procedure, she began to experience neck pain and headaches. Although she continued to work as a perioperative nurse, her leisure activities were restricted by pain. The headaches were so bad that she’d have to lie down. The neck pain made it difficult for her to enjoy favorite hobbies like knitting and reading. “I’d have to get myself into a comfortable position to read,” she says. “I’d have to prop my neck on a pillow and apply heat to it.”

Victoria’s primary care dentist knew that her problem was beyond expertise so he referred her to Dr. Carroccia. Dr. Carroccia told her that the implant had probably thrown her bite off and that the malocclusion was causing her musculoskeletal problems. “I had no idea it could affect so many things until Dr. Carroccia explained it to me,” she says. Victoria is pleased with the way her orthotic has eased her pain. “It aligns my jaw and keeps it in control,” she says. “The neck pain is gone. The jaw doesn’t click anymore. I pretty much don’t even think about it anymore.”

– Victoria

I have been searching for a good dentist for a number of years and have found a great one in Dr. Tai. He has a rare combination of dentistry skill, a great personality and the willingness to work with a patient on a long term plan. I needed a large amount of restorative work due to years of bruxism. Dr. Tai explained what the ultimate goal should be but then we jointly decided to have work done in smaller increments as I did not want to commit to a large expense in one year. Dr. Tai has done an amazing job to date and I could not be happier with my smile, even though there is more work to be done in the future. I would recommend Dr. Tai to anyone who wants a great dentist that listens to the patient and works with them towards a mutually agreed upon goal.

– George K.

Dr. Binnersley has the patience of a saint! His calm demeanor helped my son during his filling which he was terrified. Dr. Binnersley is always very friendly and informative. The entire staff has always been very sweet and friendly. I would recommend ANYONE to see them. Thank you for all you have done for me and my children!

– Jessica H.

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